Sites of Interest

Ruined keeps, burned-out watch towers, and occasional abandoned farmsteads dot the backlands of Elsir Vale and the area around Lake Rhestin, reminders of the fallen kingdom of Rhestilor. Even older ruins can be found here and there, dating back to the old dwarf-realm or the druidic human folk.

Elara’s Halfway House
The halfway house is little more than a burned-out ruin on a mournful hill on the edge of the Marth Forest north of Elsircross. A middle-aged silver-haired woman named Elara opened up the orphanage ten years ago following the atrocities committed by marauding bands of goblins that left dozens of children without parents. Rumors abound as to how and why the fire started that burnt the halfway house to the ground.

Once a prosperous city and the center of the kingdom of Rhestilor, Rhest is now a half-drowned ruin slowly sinking into the Blackfens.

Vraath Keep
Formerly a fortress held and manned by a powerful family of soldiers known as the Vraaths, this keep survived the fall of Rhestilor but later succumbed to a senseless feud with local forest giants. For many years the keep has stood in ruins.

Sites of Interest

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