Powers at Be


Black Knives Thieves Guild
The Black Knives is a gang of highwaymen and cutthroats based in Brindol that is secretly aligned with House Kaal. Rillor Paln, the not-so-secret lover of Lady Verrasa Kaal, is the master of the Black Knives and controls the guild’s activities throughout the region.

Lumber Consortium
This powerful collection of unscrupulous tycoons and magnates of the lumber trade controls most of the tree-felling camps (commonly called cutyards) in the area around the Marth Forest from Elsircross to Marthton. Those lumberjacks who refuse to affiliate with the consortium (and agree to its horrendously exploitative labor and pay practices) are often muscled out of business or simply disappear. The consortium employs three hundred jacks and nearly half as many sellswords, thugs, and mercenaries to protect the cutyards from monsters as well as to intimidate competitors.

Raven’s Eye Guild
This organized criminal syndicate poses as a business club and moneylenders union, but most inhabitants of Elsircross and Marthon know its members constitute some of the vilest flesh-peddlers, sneakthieves, and murderers in the region. The current leader is a fearsome half-orc named Kabran Bloodeye, whose penchant for flaying his enemies alive in the basement of his pleasure establishment, called the Rouge Lady Inn, is well known.

Adventuring Bands

The Six Blades
A band of adventurers known as the Six Blades retired in the small town of Prosser some years ago. The former adventurers cleared a number of troublesome monsters from the woods to the west and brought a new prosperity to the town. The wizard Sardith is recognized as the leader of the band. Other members included Deillyr Starcloak and Jak Crimmy.

Powers at Be

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