“Knivesies” and “lefty-loosey” are two quite dangerous recreational activities with a high rate of maiming that are often played in the rougher establishments throughout the Elsir Vale.

There are several games of chance native to Elsircross, such as “huckle-chuck” (played with scrimshawed sheep’s knuckles or wooden dice), Rouge Lady-Grim Lady (a card game with a Succubus Queen and a Corpse Queen as trumps), and Spin the Saw (using a circular saw blade on a nail that is spun to indicate odds, victory, or defeat).


Ironbloom mushrooms, small toadstools, while uncommon, are found near rusting metal, and are known to be a dwarven delicacy.

The Sitting Duck in Elsircross serves a potent local brew of fermented darkwood leaf that can floor an ogre in afew tankards.


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