Selwin Teskerwill

Teskerwill knight


The younger brother of Owen Teskerwill, Sir Selwin Teskerwill was a knight of some skill and a veteran of the Goblinoid Wars. It was on a campaign deep into the Giantshield Mountains where Sir Selwin was captured by a scouting party of goblin bat-riders. Fortunately for Sir Selwin, he was rescued by a mercenary band led by Amrin Drellin before he was turned into goblin stew.

After the Goblinoid Wars, Sir Selwin remained in Amrin’s debt and the two became friends. After Amrin’s death at the hands of the Lumber Consortium, Sir Selwin had the opportunity to repay his debt and took Amrin’s son, Liam, into service as his squire.


Selwin Teskerwill

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