Lady Verrasa Kaal

Leader of a mercantile House Kaal


Leader of a wealthy merchant family, Lady Verrasa Kaal is slightly older than Lord Kerden Jarmaath (thirty-seven) but remains vibrant and young in appearance. Rumored to be the most cunning person in Brindol, she is fond of wearing her bright red hair in extravagant styles and always dresses in costly and elegant courtier’s dresses. It’s a commonly held belief that if she wanted to cash in all her favors and loans the rest of Brindol owes her, she could whisk rulership away from Lord Jarmaath in a matter of hours.

Lady Kaal is a shrewd and gifted merchant and owns more businesses and holds more oustanding markers than anyone in Brindol (or, indeed, the vale). It seems that everyone in the city owes the Kaal family something, and for the most part Varresa is content to let those debts hang over their heads. Being rich and powerful is easier if more people feel grateful that you haven’t collected on their loans. It doesn’t hurt Lady Kaal’s ability to get what she wants that she has been Rillor Paln’s not-so-secret lover for the past several years. The two are sometimes dubbed “the Velvet Hand” and wags enjoy debating which is the more manipulative of the two.


Lady Verrasa Kaal

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