Hargil Trask

Gavel of the Lumber Consortium; "Baron" of Elsircross


Hargil Trask is descended from a long line of powerful and ruthless lumber magnates. His father, Thalsin Trask, showed his son the hard lessons of rulership – and how to break someone’s spirit – at a tender age. Thalsin taught him that taming a person is no different than breaking a wild horse, nor squeezing the ear of a wolf until it becomes a cowering cur that begs for scraps at its master’s hand.

Above all, Hargil despises bad luck, the one vulnerability he cannot control, and the fey’s most insidious weapon against his family. When a citizen of Elsircross suffers hardship because of misfortune alone, and Trask can find no fault or weakness that led to the misery, he sometimes lavishes aid upon the sufferer. His fear of bad luck manifests in many ways. He refuses to gamble and engages in no vices beyond uncompromising greed. He meticulously plans each move he makes, and is notorious for being several steps ahead of even the most creative foes.

Tall and broad shouldered, Trask wears the simple clothing favored by lumberjacks he keeps under his thumb. He learned long ago that ostentatious displays of wealth are weak displays of power that invite only jealousy and petty desperation from foes. He prefers action to display, and his only tokens of power are a finely wrought rapier and his father’s crossbow, which he always keeps close at hand.

While the Trask clan consists of a number of boot-licking cousins and second cousins, Trask’s only living immediate family member is his son, Jurin. Jurin’s mother died under dubious circumstances not long after his birth, and much to Trask’s disgust, the child takes after his mother in being slim and bookish. The boy has kind eyes, though his father is doing his best to raise him as a proper Trask and heir to the Consortium’s grip on Elsircross.



Hargil Trask

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