Ergin Tock

Owner of the Sitting Duck; former Lumber Consortium thug


The Sitting Duck, the local hot spot for adventures, explorers and rapscallions in Elsircross, was taken over by the brawny thug Ergin Tock after the tavern became a beacon to dangerous adventurers and the previous owner disappeared. Tock produced a dubious deed to the Duck with Larden Kried’s signature (though most claim it was forged), along with a letter explaining that Kried had returned to the carefree life of the adventurer. Tock’s former job as hired muscle for Hargil Trask was suspicious enough, but when Speaker Vamros Harg certified the deed as genuine, it was all the evidence the townsfolk needed that the Duck needed to be under the Lumber Consortium’s direct control.


Ergin Tock

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